Dec 10

ABC in Pink Handmade Baby Quilt

ABC in Pink handmade baby quilt for girls

ABC in Pink Handmade Baby Quilt, a patchwork quilt, is perfect for your little lady with the hand quilted blocks made of 100% baby flannel.  This handmade baby quilt, for girls, features the letters A, B, and C made of soft pastel pink baby flannel, combined with the many modern prints including: chevron pink, dots, lady bugs, stars,  frogs, butterflies, flowers and even a few stars and striped patterns.

As your dear little one begins to comprehend his world, he can understand that you have provided him with a source of constant comfort and snuggly pleasure. No one outgrows loving the feel-good sensation of cuddling with something soft and warm and safe. He’ll be able to take his quilt with him, to strange new places and always feel sure that he has something safe and familiar to cling to.

The backing material  for ABC in Pink Handmade Baby Quilt features a pastel pink and white baby safety pins material, also made of soft baby flannel.

ABC in Pink handmade baby quilt

Hand quilted for durability.  The binding is hand stitched in the same printed pattern featured from the quilt back.

Machine wash and dry.

Size is 38 x 48 inches.

ABC in Pink Handmade Baby Quilt is hand quilted with love for your little bundle of joy by Sharon, The Baby Quilt Lady

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