Apr 20

Giraffes – Handmade Baby Quilt



Giraffes is a beautiful hand quilted baby quilt made of soft shades of browns and golds, a touch of yellow, orange and white, all of 100% cotton baby flannels. Embroidered giraffe patches are included in this uniquely designed baby quilt for boys and girls.  This homemade baby quilt is designed for those who love giraffes.

With a reversible soft baby flannel of pastel light gold, you will be able to change the quilt by simply flipping it over.


No one outgrows loving the feel-good sensation of cuddling with something soft and warm and safe. Your baby will be able to take this handmade baby quilt, Giraffes, with her to strange new places and always feel sure that she has something safe and familiar to cling to.


Machine pieced for durability. Binding is hand stitched.

Machine wash and dry.

Size is 36 x 48 inches.

This quilt was hand quilted with love for your little bundle of joy by Sharon, The Baby Quilt Lady.


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  1. Marilyn Roy

    I was wondering if this quilt could be made for a cradle size – the cradle mattress is 18 x 35. Also could bumper pads be made with this same material. Maybe a couple blocks of the colors and then a block with the giraffe – the bumper would need be a total of 106 inches to go around the entire cradle. Maybe a coordinating ribbon to attach the pad to the cradle.

    Let me know if this is at all possible and what the cost would be. The baby is due in early September.

    E-mail me or call with your answer. My telephone number at work is 978 – 534-7531 x 2 or my cell phone number is 617-943-8072. Thank for your anticipated response.

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