All American Patriot Designs

first responders

Patriotic Designs

All American babies honor their country and its heroes

Patriotic quilts feature flags and fireworks –what can be more American than those?

Your little patriot will join in the cheers for flag and country. Share stories of the heroism of first responders to inspire the next generation.

Features of Our Quilts

The quilts are machine washable and dryable – easy care is essential for busy new families.

We use machine quilting to provide a durable product that will stand up to years of use. We hand sew the bindings to insure a perfect fit.

Want to change the look of the nursery? Simply flip the quilt over to display the coordinating background for a fresh new look.

The 100% cotton flannel that we use provides a soft surface for baby’s tender skin. Flannel becomes softer and softer the more times you wash the quilt.

Moms and Dads alike will enjoy cuddling their baby in these cozy quilts as they share quiet moments reading or just rocking in a chair.

Growing children will find these sturdy baby quilts to be welcome companions at playtime and naptime for years to come.

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