Patterned Baby Quilts

quilted sunrise

Patterned Quilts for Baby

Patterned baby quilts provide a stimulating blend of colors that will delight the little one.

If you don’t want to choose a gift with a specific theme, take a look at our selection of patterned quilts for baby.

We have abstract designs, color blocks, and more.

If you hesitate to pick a baby quilt with one kind of animal, you can find a more general design that incorporates favorite colors.

Children’s interests can vary and change, so choosing a baby quilt that simply features a dominant color can be the perfect solution.

Color palettes range from bright to subdued pastels, so you are sure to find just the right gift.

Both boys and girls will enjoy their colorful quilt for many years to come.

For other designs, check out our quilts organized by color.

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