Blue and Teal Baby Quilts

Blue and Teal Baby Quilts

Want to baby your baby? You can; we have unique blue and teal baby quilts for sale now.

We have a large selection of unique patchwork designs in varying shades of blue. Whether you prefer baby blue, teal, or aqua, you will find a perfect shower gift.

Although blue is traditionally associated with baby boys, little girls will love our designs as well. We have handmade baby quilts with beach/ocean themes, elephants, lovable bunnies and cuddly little lambs.

Your baby can travel on safari or visit friendly dinosaurs on their very own quilt,

These generously sized quilts will travel with baby throughout childhood, and perhaps even to that dorm room someday.

One of our unique blue handmade baby quilts will provide a calming atmosphere in baby’s room, lulling him to sleep after a long day.

Or, if you would prefer to shop by color, you can click on the appropriate color name and see what is available now.

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