Buy Handmade Baby Quilts and Make Lifetime Memories

It comes packed in a small box, compared to the stroller and playpen cartons that might dominate the gift pile at the baby shower, but you can be sure that the homemade baby quilt inside the modest packaging will make a giant impression on all who see it at the baby shower that day, and all who have the pleasure of having it in the family.

Why do handmade baby quilts top the typical presents at a shower?

Sing a Lullaby handmade baby quilts for boys

  • Something Personal Is Always Most Cherished

It’s safe to say that something personal is going to mean a lot more than something generic. A mass-produced sun suit or pinafore may be cute, but nothing about it sends the message that the gift was chosen to perfectly match the family’s character.

Yet a baby boy handmade quilt with an underwater design might be just the perfect way to introduce the newborn to a family of fishermen. Or a design with little sailboats gliding on a blue and white polka-dotted sea could launch the newest member in a boating family. Does Mom teach biology?  What better inspiration for her offspring than a baby girl handmade quilt of little leaping frogs?

handmade baby quilts

Cuddles the Bears for Unique Baby Quilt Boutique

  • Hand-made Baby Quilts Have Staying Power

The gift-givers gathered around the soon-to-be mom at the shower will immediately recognize that the handmade baby quilt will continue to be enjoyed long after the gifts they brought to the party are history. Those tiny outfits will be outgrown in no time, and many of the stuffed animals never survive the washing machine. But a hand made baby quilt plays a large role in a baby’s life, and the person who presented it will not be forgotten.

handmade baby quilts

  • Unique Homemade Baby Quilts Are Versatile

Baby quilts are soft, cuddly crib companions. The soothing flannel and textured minky fabrics ease the road to dreamland, while the warmth keeps baby cozy on cool nights. Because they are so light and portable, baby will find a familiar environment when there’s a visit to Grandma’s house or a stop in a motel.  And later, when there’s lots of playtime on the floor, the hand made baby quilts make great play mats, protecting baby from the floor underneath and protecting the floor from baby. Still later yet, a well-loved, hand made baby quilt might be passed on to a new brother or sister, or packed away to be treasured as a keepsake by newer generations of the family.

  handmade baby quilts

  • These Baby Quilts Will Outlive Other Gifts.

Long after the toys are broken and the clothes are outgrown, pastel handmade baby quilts will still provide comfort and pleasure. To survive the rigors of babyhood, baby boutique quilts are made to last. Machine stitching and hand binding provide the sturdy fabrication that ensures longevity.   Washer and dryer safe, and designed for boys and girls in unique baby keepsake quilt patterns, these unusual baby quilts will make your gifts truly memorable and make many happy memories for the lucky little babies who get them.

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