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  1. […] you contact the Quilt Lady, she can help you use your knowledge of the family to create a personalized baby quilt tailor made […]

  2. […] like the quilts to incorporate Grandpa’s old fishing shirt or Aunt Vi’s favorite blouse. The Baby Quilt Lady can do that, and she can do it in such a way that each quilt will look quite different than its […]

  3. […] the baby quilt he loved so well and give it to his own brand new son. Or daughter. That’s because The Baby Quilt Lady makes the numbers quilt in cheery green and yellow, colors equally appropriate for boys and […]

  4. […] be happy to know The Baby Quilt Lady not only designed the unusual bug pattern baby quilt  with artfulness, but also with sturdiness […]

    • T-Shirt Stars Handmade Baby Quilt For Sale on November 13, 2016 at 9:13 pm

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  5. […] new baby to be something completely different from the usual presents brought to the baby shower. The Baby Quilt Lady makes sure you can do this by designing no two quilts alike. When the gift box is opened and that […]

  6. […] The Baby Quilt Lady searches far and wide for all kinds of novel prints in soft baby flannel. So if the baby’s dad is in transportation, maybe the quilt with the cars, trucks and trains is ideal.  Maybe Mom works for NASA. If so, there are spaceship prints to inspire her little one to follow in her footsteps.  And for the family that loves to work in their garden, you can choose a quilt designed with butterflies, lady bugs or other garden critters.  The Unique Baby Quilt Boutique gives you the opportunity to bypass conventional, cliché themes and zero in on a motif that dovetails with the family’s interests. […]

    • ABC in Pink Handmade Baby Quilt on December 10, 2016 at 4:18 pm

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  7. […] you choose won’t be some generic baby-theme blanket mass-produced overseas. You’ll work with The Baby Quilt Lady to find just the right quilt to match this family’s personality.  You’ll be surprised at the […]

  8. […] layers of cold-resistant materials wrap around your precious little baby to ward off the cold. The Baby Quilt Lady uses top-quality, super-soft baby flannel for the design element of the quilts she makes for you. […]

  9. […] never feel the discomfort of a chill, because the quilt you gave her will surround her with warmth. The Baby Quilt Lady makes her one-of-a-kind quilts with soft baby flannel and three-layered construction. The quilt is […]

  10. […] box, and that beautiful, hand-sewn quilt comes out, everyone will fall in love. That’s because The Baby Quilt Lady has customized the one-of-a-kind design to fit perfectly with the new baby and his family. Little […]

    • Handmade Baby Quilts Have Five Winning Ways on January 17, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    […] care to choose will go anywhere with this new baby and never meet a duplicate.  That’s because The Baby Quilt Lady has the unique ability to take a theme and execute it in a huge variety of […]

  11. […] When looking for a perfect baby shower gift design, check out an,  “I Spy” baby quilt. The Baby Quilt Lady creates has the others beat in more ways than […]

  12. […] first Valentine’s Day a memorable event with a handmade baby quilt that bears her name. The Baby Quilt Lady has just three available for personalizing in time for that special day when we show loved ones how […]

  13. […] The Baby Quilt Lady has as many unusual handmade baby quilts as there are shamrocks in the meadows. Quilts can be personalized with the baby’s name integrated into the design. Clothing from loved ones can become part of the quilt. No two quilts are ever alike. […]

  14. […] No need to waste a second thinking about whether the outfit will shrink in the wash, because The Baby Quilt Lady pre-washes all the super-soft flannel she uses, so the laundered quilt will stay true to size. Big […]

  15. […] sea have just as great an impact when they’re cute and cavorting on a hand quilted baby quilt.  The Baby Quilt Lady’s cloth versions are a sight for the eyes and a spur to the imaginations of little ones eager to learn […]

  16. […] and fade and stuffed toys will soon show wear, but the pre-washed, pre-shrunk baby quilt made by The Baby Quilt Lady will maintain its charm for many, many Easters to come. That’s because all the components are top […]

  17. […] is until now, when their nursery rhyme favorites are companions in their cribs and on their laps. The Baby Quilt Lady fashions amazing hand-sewn baby quilts for boys and girls that feature all the traditional nursery […]

  18. […] worries. Contact The Baby Quilt Lady at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique and let her send you a spectacular handmade baby quilt that she has […]

  19. […] quilts using embroidery patches get extra oomph, a new feature.  The Baby Quilt Lady is adding to her home-sewn quilts for boys and girls. Now the gift you buy for the baby you adore […]

  20. […] The Baby Quilt Lady offers several ways to ensure the quilt you choose will be more meaningful to the family than anything else you could buy. […]

  21. […] The Baby Quilt Lady had been around then, you can bet that George’s favorite quilt would have been designed with […]

  22. […] a busy elementary school teacher with four children, The Baby Quilt Lady used what spare time she had to sew clothes for her children and quilts for their beds.” It was […]

  23. […] love learning, and they can do so by choosing a quilt that is more than just pretty to look at.  The Baby Quilt Lady fashions patchwork designs with two patches of the same print placed apart from each other. Then the […]

  24. […] Names Best Elf for Handmade Baby Quilts, and The Baby Quilt Lady is the […]

  25. […] The Baby Quilt Lady also can integrate pieces of fabric from the clothing of family loved ones, so the baby is always surrounded by the love of those who care about him most. A great way to  start the New Year with handmade baby quilts for boys and girls. […]

  26. […] Quilt Boutique give you the opportunity to personalize them in a many ways. First, you can have The  Baby Quilt Lady embroider the baby’s name into the quilt design. No mass-produced blanket can offer that. Then you […]

  27. […] The Baby Quilt Lady has discovered some adorable little bunnies that will delight your precious little baby in a quilt designed just for him or her. She’ll arrange each quilt in a graphic pattern that will be his or hers only, personalized with the baby’s name, if you wish, embroidered as an integral design element. […]

  28. […] The Baby Quilt Lady has gathered shamrock and leprechaun prints that symbolize the celebration of St. Patrick and the joy of being Irish.  St. Patrick led a remarkable life and is credited with establishing Catholicism in Ireland. He is said to have used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity.  The leprechaun has morphed from the red-coated trickster of early Gaelic folklore to a charming, green-clad imp with a secret path to a pot of gold. […]

  29. […] going on right now at Unique Baby Quilts Boutique. As the crocus buds and the robins tweet again, The Baby Quilt Lady is opening her cupboards to streamline her […]

  30. […] you select is going to have a very short time to be useful. But the hand-sewn baby quilts made by The Baby Quilt Lady will be a crib companion to the newborn and a treasured friend all through toddlerhood and beyond. […]

  31. […] a few clothing items from your loved ones who have passed away, or are far from the baby’s home, The Baby Quilt Lady might be able to integrate them into the unique baby quilt she designs for you.  Then when you and […]

  32. […] is chock full of adorable prints, such as jungle animals, birds, and zoo and aquatic animals.  The Baby Quilt Lady assembles them in eye-pleasing arrangements that place the matches in unexpected positions. […]

  33. […] Contact […]

  34. […] the hquilt for your special baby in several ways. First, the many patterns available from The Baby Quilt Lady’s vast stash of prints can reflect the family’s interests, such as sports,gardening, sailing, […]

  35. […] The Baby Quilt Lady will incorporate pieces of your family’s clothing into your quilt design to keep them present even if they are not.  You might not be able to be with Grandpa John, but if […]

  36. […] baby quilt will wow at the shower, because bespoke means it’s custom-made. How bespoke?   The Baby Quilt Lady can personalize the quilt you choose in these […]

  37. […] Quilts Have All-Season Perks No matter what the season, the handmade baby quilt you design with The Baby Quilt Lady will provide huge pleasure with the custom design you have chosen to dovetail with the […]

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