Handmade Pet Quilt

Doggie Quilts Join Handmade Baby Quilts

Belle and Her Personalized Doggie Quilt

 “Santa texted me,“ she explains, “saying he has room in his sleigh for quilted gifts for pets .

“ He wrote, ‘Ho, ho, ho, we can’t forget those wonderful dogs who give so much love to their families,’” she recounted, “‘so, please, Miss Baby Quilt Lady, quilt up some warm, cuddly blankets for them, and while you’re at it, quilt up some easy-on the- budget things for the little ones’ stockings.’

“What great ideas, I thought,” The Baby Quilt Lady continued, “You have to hand it to the Number One Gift Giver for coming up with such thoughtful and clever gift ideas.  So I started making soft flannel quilts that are pet-sized, and I embroidered the name of the pet right on it, so that each pet will feel not only warm, but extra special, too.”

She went on to say that the doggie quilts are made with the same quality components and expert sewing techniques that she uses to assemble her hand-sewn baby quilts for boys and girls.

Black and White Plaid Option for Doggie Quilt

“Little babies and little doggies can be tough on their quilts, so they have to be made to survive the rough-and-tumble of every-day play, and they have to look good every time they come out of the washer and dryer.”

 She added that the usual pet gifts are things to eat or toys that break, but the doggie quilts will be around for a long, long time.

Brown and White Plaid Doggie Quilt Option

The Baby Quilt Lady is also offering gift certificates, so that the parents of new babies can design their own special quilts.

“Santa knows that the handmade Christmas baby quilt gift ideas he’s delivered have always been huge hits with the little ones who love the snuggly softness,” she noted, “and the parents who are thrilled with a gift that will last for this baby and perhaps this baby’s babies.”

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