Just For Grandparents

Just For Grandparents

handmade baby quilts

The number one best new baby gift just for Grandparents to give someone they love is something handmade.  A baby quilt will become a family heirloom.  Think about your grandchild in years to come remembering with love the baby quilt that they still have.  One that your family can keep and always remember you as the giver of such a unique gift.  A handmade gift given with love.

Grandparents you need to make sure your grandchild has a soft and fluffy handmade baby quilts as their first gift from you.  Be sure when you watch that little one roll over or play with their favorite toy on the floor, that a baby quilt is in use. 

If you are a long distance grandparent, unique handmade baby quilts will be a reminder to your family each time they snuggle together to take photos of their new baby for you to share in those precious memories.

New parents want just about everything they see on the baby registry.  Yet  unique handmade quilts may not make their original list, but, you will have the perfect keepsake baby gift to last a lifetime, the baby’s first handmade quilt. 

Come and join us at the Baby Quilt Shop just for Grandparents.


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