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How To Make Quilt Binding

How To Make Quilt Binding

When learning to make baby quilts, there is whole new world of supportive people who have a passion for their craft, wonderfully colorful fabrics, and hundreds of designs just waiting for your creative talents. There is no better way to learn to make baby quilts then from those who know their craft. Read and jump right in and try your first quilt.

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Learn How To Make Quilt Binding

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Binding Us Together

A new baby quilt is finish, but what quilt binding do I choose?

In a baby quilt, the quilt binding is the last part that keeps those raw edges from showing and adds the finishing touches to your project.

Before I pull out my fabrics and decide my colors, the method of quilt binding for by my project needs to be considered first.

There are numerous factors to consider when you are choosing the method of finishing the baby quilt. Consider your time constraints, your skill level in sewing and quilting, and your preference in either handquilting or machine quilting of your quilt binding. The quilt binding can have straight, irregular or curved edges.

Do I want to create a certain mood with my quilt binding? If my answers here are to keep it simple since I have a basic straight edge and my time is of the essence, use a bias, straight- grain, or single fold binding.

A common type of quilt binding, bias binding is made from strips cut on the bias or at a 45 degree angle to the straight grain of the fabric. Bias binding provides the stretch needed on curves. Strips are put together to provide the required length needed for the baby quilt. Bias fold bindings can be either doubled or single folded and used for all types of fabrics. This method of quilt binding is common for use in finishing a baby quilt due to its durability.

Follow the steps below and you will never have to use a calculator to figure our binding:

1. First choose your binding method. (Bias, straight- grain, or single fold binding).
2. Decide the width of the quilt binding.

how to make quilt binding


3. Calculate the length of binding you need to prepare for you quilt for Straight Grain Binding

how to make quilt binding


1. Calculate the length of quilt binding you need to prepare for you quilt for Bias Cut Binding


how to make quilt binding

The single fold binding is sewn to the quilt edge first. The free side of the binding strip is then turned under ¼ inch and sewn in place by hand. This binding can either be cut by a bias cut or a straight cut, not on the bias. This type of quilt binding has little bulk and is a good choice for smaller baby quilts that will be used as wall hanging and will not require many laundering. Also this type of binding is better to be sewn on baby quilts that have only straight edges.

Never treat the quilt binding as an afterthought.

Chose the quilt binding that is perfect for your almost completed baby compete to make it the treasure of a lifetime.

By: Sharon Camp – Unique Baby Quilt Boutique