Personalized handmade baby quilts

Grandma Takes a Vacation

This Grandma is taking a vacation. Can’t wait to see my little grandson!

Before our ride to Georgia I put together 3 baby quilt tops so that I had plenty of hand work to keep me occupied on the 10 hour car ride.

A Baby Quilt for the Nursery

A baby quilt makes the room complete. Since a baby spend more than half of their little life sleeping, cuddling in a warm, snuggly handmade baby quilt will be just perfect.

Precious, Soft, Baby Quilts are SEW Irresistible

You take a quick trip to that favorite fabric store, pushing the shopping cart up and down the crowded aisles, and trying to choose just the right coordinating fabrics for your next quilt. The question in your mind right now or the problem you have to solve is how to choose the fabrics and what kind of quilt do you really want to make?

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