Purple Rain Lap Quilt


Purple Rain Wheel Chair Quilt is the perfect lap cover for people who use wheel chairs or mobility scooters.

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Purple Rain Wheel Chair Quilt is the perfect lap cover for people who use wheel chairs or mobility scooters.

With cooler weather or even air conditioning, these temperature changes are difficult for those who are sitting in a wheelchair.  A wheelchair quilt is the perfect size so that it will not drag on the ground or get caught in the wheels of the chair.

This handmade lap quilt is machine quilted for durability and made of 100% cotton flannel.  The added advantage of weight in the lap, as well as comfort, makes this the perfect gift for your loved ones who are wheelchair bound.

Purple Rain Wheel Chair Quilt has the added benefit for those in Assisted Living Facilities where items can be easily misplaced.  The quilt can be  personalized so that the owner and the wheelchair quilt can be reunited if they become separated.

The lavender and soft purple rain color scheme print made of 100% cotton flannel in orange, green and a hint of blue, combined with white makes this handmade wheelchair quilt the perfect gift for those seniors who might remember Rock music’s 1980’s hits.

No one outgrows loving the feel-good sensation of cuddling with something soft and warm.  Those in wheelchairs or senior citizens are no exceptions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Backing material is a soft lavender color featured from front perfect for reversing the quilt.
  • Machine quilted for durability.
  • The binding is hand stitched in the same soft lavender 100% cotton flannel as the backing material.
  • Machine wash and dry.

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