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Handmade Quilts

Handmade Quilts

Quilts are a type of bedding that are made of a colorful quilt top, a layer of cotton batting, and a layer of fabric, which is used to provide a firm support and backing. All these layers are combined together using the technique of quilting. While the primary purpose of a quilt is to be used as a bedcover, several quilts are made for the specific purpose of decorating our homes.

Quilts come in various sizes with a variety of beautiful designs. While machine-made quilts are easy to make, the real beauty lies in handmade quilts. Handmade quilts were initially made as necessities by women to earn a living and keep their families warm. Of recent, quilts are developed more as an art piece than as utility items. These exquisite quilts were hard to make during earlier times, as the women did not have sewing machines for assistance. The handmade quilts were made from patches or small squares of different colors put together with a backing. These wonderful works of art were passed down through the generations with a sense of pride.

The material used in the manufacture of these quilts was rarely new. Pieces of worn out clothing were sewn together at random to create different designs and patterns. This gave the women a wider scope for imagination, which resulted in some truly unique designs.

Handmade quilts tend to be sturdier than machine-made ones and also keep a person much warmer. Moreover, as a lot of manpower is put into making these quilts, they are more expensive than the machine-made variety. Today, handmade quilts are made more for their aesthetic beauty than anything else. Many of them are items of excellent craftsmanship; they highlight the prowess of the quilt maker.Handmade quilts are not only great for decorating ones home, but also make unique gifts to fit any occasion.

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