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Happy Birthday, Abby!

Baby Quilt Design Puzzles

Baby Quilt Design Puzzles

When designing a new baby quilt, there is material all over my sewing room. Once I settle on my pattern, then I can put away a few of the piles and choose the right fabric. But first I must contend with the blues to my right, greens to the left, and the soft baby pinks that are within reach straight ahead.

Blessed Are the Quilters for They Are the “Piece” makers

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She Who Dies With the Most Fabric… Wins!

“She who dies with the most fabric… wins!”

To be a quilter you have to be in love with fabric. You drive down the road and your car just knows that there is a fabric store in the area.

Choosing Fabric for Handmade Baby Crib Quilts

“One yard of fabric, like one cookie, is never enough!”

When designing a new baby quilt, the choice of fabric is so essential to my design. I sit for hours in quiet solitude with my “stash” just rummaging through the piles of organized chaos. I keep my materials together by color, but from that point the rest is truly a decision unique to each and every handmade baby quilt that I design.