The Birth of a New Baby Quilt

Time sew on the a new baby quilt!
Just like the birth of a new baby, the birth of a new quilt is an exciting time. There are some important facts to consider before the materials says hello to your machine and a quilt starts to form.

The Baby is Coming

 I’m 59 and this Grandmother is excited to see her Grandson this weekend.  He’s 4 months old and I’ve not held him in my arm since he was born.  Whether it has been months, weeks or just hours ago, every Grandmother excitedly awaits the arrival of her grandchild. In preparation for our grandson’s arrival, the …

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Choosing A Name for A Baby Quilt

Do you believe in “Once Upon A Time”?
The fabrics are just right, the colors for the baby quilt are the ones blend perfectly, all seams and points are matching, and you have the last stitches on the border in place. It is time to name the quilt.

Fancy Quilt Binding

Fall in Love with a Fancy Binding
You have mastered the art of straight and bias binding but is there more than just a straight edge to your finished baby quilt?
Choosing a challenging binding involves time commitment, extra fabric, and some advanced planning to make sure the binding fits the baby quilt.

Binding Us Together

Love is the thread that will continue binding us together.
In a baby quilt the binding is the last part that keeps those raw edges from showing and adds the finishing touches to your project.

Coloring A New Baby Quilt

In my earlier life, the floor in my house was always covered with toys from my three wonderful sons and my lovely daughter. No matter how hard I tried to keep that floor clear, their creative minds had a new game or an invention that just had to be built or designed.

Custom Handmade Baby Quilts Website

New shoes, new clothes, and new handmade baby quilt website. How every woman always needs another new pair of shoes or could use a new a brand new outfit or two, but designing that unique baby quilt website is not always on every women’s list.

Snuggling with a Grandson

To this Grandmother my most precious moments are those when my newborn grandson is in my arms. On these cold winter days, I have him snuggled close, wrapped in the handmade baby quilt that I had made many months ago.

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