Handmade Baby Quilt Joins Black Friday

Handmade Baby Quilt joins Black Friday

As I sit and browse the many online and newspaper ads deciding on my strategy for shopping at 4:00 a.m. shopping on Black Friday, I am also reminded that there are many mothers and grandmothers, who are unable to make those crazy hours of shopping frenzy. So a handmade baby quilt can join Black Friday and bring Unique Baby Quilt shopping to you.

Handmade Baby Quilt Tale – Home From Iraq

Handmade Baby Quilt Tale – Home From Iraq
Thanksgiving is upon us, and Veteran’s Day a step behind, we all take a minute to reflect on what we have to be thankful for and how many individual sacrifices it has taken down through the decades, to secure the opportunities we all share, to sit together with our families and enjoy a dinner together in freedom.

Thank you to all those servicemen and women, veterans or active today and their families, for your dedication and service to our country. Read this blog, about one of your own young men and his family…

Designing Handmade Quilts for Children

Baby Quilt Design Puzzles

When designing a new baby quilt, there is material all over my sewing room. Once I settle on my pattern, then I can put away a few of the piles and choose the right fabric. But first I must contend with the blues to my right, greens to the left, and the soft baby pinks that are within reach straight ahead.

Any Day Spent Quilting Is a Good Day!

“Any day spent quilting is a good day!”

With teaching during the day at school, there are few hours left in the evening to enjoy my craft of handmade baby quilts. Yet I know what all quilters know and that is that any day spent quilting on my baby quilts is a good day. The time spent with needle and thread is more than often done in the solitude of my sewing room, when the peace and quiet after the busy day is a welcome relief.

Hand quilting on my baby quilts is a decorative form of sewing, a simple technique, that

Grandmothers and the Baby Quilt

If I could change the world:

Cuddle would be a term reserved not just for the very young, but those of all ages.

To have a very special someone take time and put their arms around you makes the wrongs and hardships of the world go away. That is what our mothers and grandmothers do when they cuddle us in their arms. Those protective hugs make the night seem less scary, the fear of the dark turn into light of day, and the spooky figures in our closets become nothing more than real-life lessons to be dealt with each day. To hold and be held, to cuddle and be cuddled, and to be that person, who changes the world, we call them a Grandmother.

Pretty in Pink Handmade Baby Quilt

Standing in front of the mirror in the morning preparing for my classes at school was the inspiration for this baby quilt, “Pretty in Pink.” I pick up one outfit after another and trying to decide the perfect color combination that is just right for the school day.

To be honest, pink is just not my color. But to a new little lady in your life, she will be SEW “Pretty in Pink.” There were some brilliant shades of pinks in my stash, just waiting for the right baby quilt. Here right in front of my mirror, they were discovered, like a new star on the stage.

Teddy Bear March Baby Quilt

Here in South Florida we have been pounded with our summer thunderstorms. These are so strong, that they can make you jump with the loud and sudden cracks and streaks of lightning that seems to come too close for comfort.

Itching To Be Stitching

“Itching to be stitching.”

It is that time of the year again, the end of summer. For some people that might mean Fall is coming, and it is time to bring in the summer furniture and pack away the grill. Others might start to think about bringing out the sweaters and sweatshirts for those cool evenings when the sun goes down. Either way, time for those extra chores means less time with the needle and thread.

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