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Use Green in Baby Quilts?

Use Green in Baby Quilts?
Should green be used in baby quilts? Baby quilts use various colors but with St. Patrick’s Day in the glorious month of March, this question comes up.
Traditionally, blues are for boys and the pinks are for girls. This association has been held true for years and years and can be found throughout even many baby quilts and the fabrics.

Making a Baby Quilt – Grandma’s Advice on Color

Grandma was always right on her secret advice for use of color in a baby quilt, so here are a few more suggestions she revealed about color choices for your next baby quilt.

Coloring A New Baby Quilt

In my earlier life, the floor in my house was always covered with toys from my three wonderful sons and my lovely daughter. No matter how hard I tried to keep that floor clear, their creative minds had a new game or an invention that just had to be built or designed.