Any Day Spent Quilting Is a Good Day!

“Any day spent quilting is a good day!”

With teaching during the day at school, there are few hours left in the evening to enjoy my craft of handmade baby quilts. Yet I know what all quilters know and that is that any day spent quilting on my baby quilts is a good day. The time spent with needle and thread is more than often done in the solitude of my sewing room, when the peace and quiet after the busy day is a welcome relief.

Hand quilting on my baby quilts is a decorative form of sewing, a simple technique, that

Speaking the Language of Quilting

As a new school year is about to begin, I am preparing my classroom for my 38th year as a classroom teacher. Teaching our young men and women has been, next to raising my own family, the most rewarding experience of my life.

Many of our students come into the classroom today speaking languages that are not only different than English, but though beautiful to hear cause the child great hardships in classroom. Each needs to learn the basics of the language before the content can be mastered.

The same would be reflected in the quilter’s world. If you come to the world of quilting as a sewer, many of the following terms will sounds familiar. Sewing is not the basic class for quilting, so the following definitions will make it easier to understand the world of the quilter and the language that they speak.

What is Quilting?

Checking into any dictionary you might find that the definition of the word “quilt” is defined as a coverlet when used as a noun, but in its verb form, it is the process for making a special type of material or creating a design.

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