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That is what you are saying to the new baby with our handmade baby quilts. Give one as a shower gift to the new Mother-to-be or when the baby arrives. A unique handmade baby quilt is a treasured gift for a lifetime. A new baby is SEW special and here’s the opportunity to give the new Mommy a baby quilt, as unique as her child. A gift that will last a lifetime.

The perfect gift, a one-of-a-kind handmade baby quilt to celebrate a new life. Sharon has crafted these handmade baby crib quilts with quality fabrics and are easy to care for; just machine wash warm, tumble dry low and remove promptly. These baby quilts are even easier to take care of than your precious baby. To think that this baby quilt will keep your baby snuggly warm, just warms my heart.

handmade baby quilts

Ann tells me,” My little granddaughter just loves her homemade baby quilt. Even though it has been washed and dried many times, it looks as new and as soft as the day we first gave it to her. The quilt binding looks as good as new. It was a special baby gift and made a great crib quilt.”

Roberta writes,” Your unique handmade baby crib quilt was the perfect gift for everyone to pitch in and give to our boss and his wife for their new born baby present. We had so many wonderful baby quilts on your website to choose from, and the quick delivery with FREE shipping made sure we had our special baby gift.
Suzanne writes that its almost like her baby, Patricia, understood the baby quilt was her special present. She claspes it to her chin like a lifeline, and smiles. at it like a warming friend. Can a baby quilt and a baby be friends? I think so. Thank you.

A special Grandmother purchased one of my homemade and handmade baby quilts for her newborn granddaughter and her daughter-in-law. Her son, the baby’s father, was on active duty in Iraq and was only able to see his daughter being born over the Internet, but until recently had not been able to hold her in his arms. Daddy’s special reunion with his little girl was captured in pictures and the handmade baby quilt that Grandma chose from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, was the perfect floor covering on which Daddy and his little girl could enjoy special moments together.

Beverly Pohlit   Business Development/Sales

It is my privilege to recommend my cousin Sharon Camp and her business, Unique Baby Quilt Boutique. Sharon has taken passion and unique talents, turned it into a business with broad variety, to provide many families with heartfelt keepsakes that can last a lifetime. What sets Sharon apart from other business professionals is her ability to carefully listen to each person and discover what their individual needs are. Check out her website, you will Fall in Love with her creations.


Douglas Penta    MD, OB/GYN

Women’s Health Through Mindful Living | Medical Writing | SEO | WordPress | Mom Blogging Coach| Social Media ConsultantI have had the privilege of helping Mrs. Sharon Camp market her company: Unique Baby Quilt Boutique. She is truly passionate about quilting and clearly an expert in her field. Their is no doubt in my mind that her baby quilts will become family heirlooms for many new parents. Reading Sharon’s profile on LinkedIn , you will see how much she loves teaching. As a result, she has created a personal video course which is invaluable to new quilters looking for an experienced mentor. I cannot recommend Sharon enough to anyone interested in learning from the best!




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