Barnyard Friends Baby Quilts

Handmade Baby Quilts

Featuring Friends from the Farm

The Baby Quilt Lady has designed a line of barnyard friends baby quilts.

Bunnies, ducks, puppies and lambs are featured in this collection. View our current selections below.

Whether you live in the city or in a rural area, the pastoral way of life found on the farm has a great appeal. Humans have a connection with the land, sometimes buried in our subconscious, but it’s there.

Babies and children have a fondness for soft, cuddly things. This includes their clothing, bedding, and the stuffed toys that never leave their side.

What better way to indulge this feeling than by providing the little one with one of our barnyard friends baby quilts?

The Baby Quilt Lady designed a line of crib quilts that spotlight some of the most popular of these farm animals.

Choose quilts with cuddly lambs or frolicking bunnies in the design. Find quilts in soft pastels or with bright chevrons that bring a pop of color to the nursery.

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