Personalized Baby Quilts

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Personalized Baby Quilts


Unique Baby Quilt Boutique is now offering personalized baby quilts embroidered with baby’s first name.

Personalized quilts with names are one of the most unique baby shower gifts you can give the family of a new baby. For instance, having the baby’s name on the quilt sends the message that the gift was chosen to be a perfect match. 

The family will treasure your gift of an oh-so-soft, customized baby quilt. They will remember your thoughtful choice and the long-lasting pleasure you brought to the baby.

Unique Baby Quilt Boutique combines the cozy comfort of our handmade quilts with baby’s first name embroidered in a complementary color.

As with all of our quilts, we use 100% cotton flannel. We use the same flannel on the back of the quilt. You can flip it over for a new look in the nursery.

Also, machine quilting insures durability in the quilt.  However, we hand stitch the binding to provide the finest construction techniques in our quilts. 

As an added bonus, care of the quilt is as easy as can be.  You can simply toss the quilt in the washing machine. Use the dryer to keep the quilt soft and clean.

Did you know that cotton flannel becomes softer the more you launder it? As a result, the quilt will be as soft and comfortable years from now as it is on the day you present it to the family.

Also, personalized quilts for baby can make the trip to a college dorm. It will remind the now grown-up baby that someone cares very much. The owner’s name on the quilt insures that no laundry mix-ups occur. The quilt will be returned to its owner.

Browse our current selection of personalized baby quilts and choose the one that best fits the family’s interests.

We also have a selection of baby quilts with embroidered accents.  Please visit our Embroidered Baby Quilts shop for more ideas.

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