Give Your Little-Lady Tadpoles Frog-patterned Baby Quilts

Give your little-lady tadpoles frog-patterned baby quilts.

baby quilts

There’s something about crafted frogs that always brings smiles. Whether painted, ceramic, or fabric, the jovial amphibians have always been sure-fire people pleasers.  Handmade baby quilts made with a happy family of little frogs help to keep the mood upbeat in cribs.

 Pale yellow and green squares bordered in pink are the backdrop for these whimsical green critters who peek out from the stitching in a variety of adorable positions.

baby quilts

The colors are soothing and gentle, but the construction is super tough. Machine-stitched and hand-finished, soft flannel baby quilts stand up to machine washing and dryer tumbling. Such durability ensures their future as keepsakes and heirlooms.

And the frogs can travel. Use them in the stroller, the car and as playmats in the nursery or Grandma’s living room.

Take the leap. Put a tiny touch of wildlife in the cribs of your baby girls with one-of a kind, frogged baby quilts.

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