Five Ways the “I Spy” Handmade Baby Quilt Top the Rest

Five Ways  the “I Spy” Handmade Baby Quilt Top the Rest

“I Spy” baby quilt

There are lots of options when it comes to choosing the handmade baby quilt you’re buying for the baby shower, but the “I Spy” patchwork design The Baby Quilt Lady creates has the others beat in more ways than one.

It’s Completely Original

“I Spy” baby quilt

Let’s start with the concept.  The patchwork design is assembled with lots of baby-appropriate prints, such as garden critters, flowers and butterflies for girls, or trains, circus animals or rocket ships for boys. All are the softest baby flannel, and all go together in a beguiling arrangement that pleases baby eyes and sparks baby brains.

When you choose your hand quilted “I Spy” baby quilt from The Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, you can be sure that there is no other just like it. Every request is met with a one-of-kind design that tells this new little baby she’s a one-of-kind, too.

The Patches Can Reflect the Family Character

“I Spy” baby quilt


If the new arrival is joining a family of beach lovers and boaters, the patches that make up the design can be a coordinating combination of sailboats, fish and whales. The animal-loving family will appreciate a patchwork pattern that includes pandas and penguins, frogs and monkeys. Numbers and letters in an “I Spy” baby quilt make the perfect motif for a family of teachers.

These Patchwork Quilts Are Learning Tools

“I Spy” baby quilt

In their first stages of their togetherness, the baby and his quilt will be all about comfort, warmth and tranquility, but in time the “I Spy” baby quilt will be a rich source of early learning. That’s because The Baby Quilt Lady creates a grid with matching patches.

So one of the first games the older baby will love to play is finding the matching prints, first just by looks, and later by discovering the butterflies or the lady bugs not only by their looks but by their names. There’s a fun-to-learn lesson in every session.

They Are Easy to Personalize

“I Spy” baby quilt

You’ve already begun to tailor-make the baby quilt gift you’re buying by choosing a theme that reflects the family interests.

Now you can increase that individuality by having the baby’s name appear as part of the pattern. Not only that, but if you wish to incorporate clothing from a loved one in the patchwork design, that wish can also be fulfilled.

Patchwork Is an American Tradition

“I Spy” baby quilt

The pioneers of the American West assembled patchwork quilts from clothing scraps not only to warm their beds, but to keep cold coming in from drafty windows and doors. Your patchwork quilt gift carries on that tradition with a modern twist.

The Baby Quilt Ladys choice of materials and precision techniques ensure that these patchworks will survive the many trips to the washer and dryer they will take without losing their pizzazz.

Your patchwork baby quilt gift will continue the pioneer tradition for this baby now and in the future, when the quilt is lovingly passed on to the next generation as a cherished keepsake.

“I Spy” baby quilt

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